Special steamer for our high-quality coloring, perms, conditioning treatments, and straightening.

Prego is a revolutionary beauty machine invented by the Naomoto Corporation. 0.26 nanometer ultrafine particles, “Morbido Steam,” penetrates deep into your hair making it possible to supply the necessary moisture to damaged hair and maintain your hair’s condition; healthy, shiny, and smooth.

As a comparison, the invisible gas that comes from a kettle as water boils is actually water vapor. Once this vapor becomes cold and visible by touching air, it is called steam. Steam is not a gas, but is already in a liquid state. “Morbido Steam” produced by Prego is a "superheated vapor;" a vapor that is additionally heated.

This super-heated vapor is an invisible gas. Naturally, as the “Morbido Steam” cools, it becomes visible steam. However, as the vapor is super-heated, it takes a longer time to become steam than usual vapor. This powerful vapor is created by the Prego Morbido Steam system.

The effect of Morbido Steam (Parrucchi)

1. Moisture infusion and Gentle penetration of chemical into hair through Morbido Steam.

Previously: To allow chemical to penetrate into the hair for permanents or color treatments, a damaging alkali process is used to forcedly open hair cuticles.

Morbido Steam by Parrucchi: now creates a “water swelling” effect utilizing water vapor to expand the hair shaft. Morbido steam increases the penetration of chemicals as steam enters the micro fibril fibers deep inside your hair.

2. Promotion of Chemical Reaction

Traditionally: Dry heat such as extreme infrared radiation steals moisture from hair and scalp. However, there are 2 kinds of heat; dry heat and wet heat.

Parrucchi: A revolutionary machine which makes it possible to convey heat evenly into your hair. The Parrucchi machine’s wet heat steam energy facilitates the chemical reactions used in permanents and coloring.

Parrucchi machine’s wet heat steam has “latent heat” energy(539cal).

3. The homogenized disbursement of moisture and the mending of fibrils.

The Challenge: Damaged hair has uneven moisture content from the root, through the shaft, to the tip of each strand. Damaged hair contains less moisture towards the end of the hair than near the root.

Chemical treatments such as permanents and dyes require applying the same strength chemical throughout the hair.

The uneven distribution of water in damaged hair leads to the over processing of dryer hair, deeply damaging already brittle strands.

If we use Parrucchi: you can achieve uniform chemical penetration and even processing. Needy hair is uniformly infused with necessary moisture and collapsing fibrils deep inside hair are mended, preventing chemical overreaction.